Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's next? Well ...

The winter bike-racing scene here in Anchorage
is made up of some rather, uh ...
well, let's just call them passionate people.At a recent Frigid Bits race and tailgate party
up in the Mad-Zoo Valley, our man Thirstywork—
he of the orange El Gato Pugsley—unveiled
a beer (re)named for the venerable
Frigid Bits Burn Barrel.

The barrel is sort of a shrine
to warmth and fun. A Frigid Bits altar, if you will.
It's also what makes it possible for us
to stand around for hours at a time
drinking beer in 5-degree weather.
At last Saturday's race, we got another beer.
This one was called Carlos Lozano's Frigid Bits Ale,
paying homage to Carlos for organizing
all of these frigid events that help keep
all us bike geeks sane through the winter.

When my daughter saw a bottle on the table
at our house on Sunday morning, she shook her head
and said, "What's next? Jerseys?"

Hmm ...


Luke said...

You know, Woody, you don't need wheels to enjoy frozen water. All you need are...skates. Sticks and pucks are a nice addition, too. Sunday on Westchester Lagoon was phenomenal. Warm sun, blue skies, millions of kids. Oh wait...you'd have hated it: There were dogs present. D'oh! I mean: Woof!

Michelle said...

Smart kid...