Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Break '07: Bikes Gone Wild

Saturday night's Frigid Bits race had all the elements
of a great bike event: A big turnout; a sunny evening;
a grumpy moose on the trail; lost/confused racers;
and a great post-race party full of bike geeks
gathered around the burn barrel.

I'm still recovering. And now I have voicemails
on my cell phone about another ride in two hours.

I'll hate myself, but I'll show up, dammit.The leaders round a turn on the first lap
of the lagoon portion of the race.
Thirstywork approaches the skinny footbridge
in the woods as he strolls to another victory.
The Grillmeister weaves through the trees
in the singletrack of Earthquake Park.
The crowd you want to meet
in a dark alley.
Heading home at the end of the night.


George said...

*That* looked like a fun time. One of these days I'm gonna get me one of those snow bikes.....

daveIT said...

Man! I caught some freaking weird bug and was dying on the couch yesterday. I'm totally blaming it on the bike ride.

I guess it's a sign that I should just sit in the house and work on my double chin. I read in Cosmo that chicks dig those...