Monday, March 12, 2007

Psst, senor! Yo quiero Pugsley!

Several friends have told me they're waiting for an update on the new Pugsley. I've got three words for ya, people: Insanely Freakin' Fun.

I finished building the bike about 3:30 Sunday afternoon following some parts delays. I had to run to Paramount on Sunday for a rear brake adapter so I could mount an Avid BB7 caliper on the Surly fork, and I needed a new set of brake levers after pulling my head out of my ass and remembering that my beloved old Avids were designed for canti brakes, and mechanical discs require V-brake-compatible levers.

Leonard stopped by just after I finished the build, so we test-rode the bike by plowing through a small pile of snow in the cul-de-sac in front of the house. Then I headed out for a group ride on the Hillside. I spent most of the ride with Jon and Rose from Paramount as we cruised trails and I marveled at how fun it is to bomb downhill on Endomorphs. What a kick in the ass. I didn't even stop to take pictures, which is why I'm just slapping a logo on this post.

The ride also helped me find the kinks that needed to be worked out when I got home: lengthening the chain a bit and dialing in the low-limit screw on the rear derailleur. I rode it to work this morning and had a blast.

Pugsleys are simply more fun than humans should be allowed to have. I've had one in the back of my mind for a couple of years, but never took the thought very seriously until the past few weeks. The only reason I don't regret buying one sooner is that I'm having so much fun with a new one right now.

I haven't felt this much like a kid with a new bike since ... well, since I was a kid with a new bike.

The fever is catching. My friends Maura and John peeled off early from Sunday night's ride so they could head back to their car. On the way back, Maura turned over her Pugs to John so he could try it out. He described the ride in an e-mail this morning:

"Maura forced me to ride Porfirio down Moose Meadow on the way back last night. About halfway down the trail, I realized that I was giggling. You should quit writing about these things. Pretty soon you'll have to buy them through a shady Colombian, politicians of all ilk will declare war on them & kids will get tattoos that read 'Sex, Phat Tyres & Rock & Roll.'"

That pretty much sums it up. On the other hand, it begs the question:


(Note: Pugsleys are incredible and Surly makes 'em solid and affordable. But let's not forget a pioneer who was leading the way long before Surly took it to the masses. If my pockets were a little deeper, I'd be buying a bike from Mark.)


Jerome said...

You shouldn't do this to us. Those of us who don't have a Pugs. I was kicking the thought around of getting a Pugs and dismissed it (with some of your imput) since my riding was mostly done on ice, in which studded tires would most likely prevail. Well, now I think that I have to get a Pugs. I'm in Mobile Alabama right now, and talking with my wife, we're getting a big dump of snow again, just after all of the snow had melted and I was back on my fixie kick. Way to go! I'll fly home tomorrow, to a bunch of new snow on the ground and seal the deal that I need a Pugs. Thanks for the encouragement. It's hard to here others getting so giddy about a bike and force myself to believe that I don't need one. Can't say I'll get one for this season, but next fall, I better have one in my quiver.

Enjoy your new ride. I'm happy for you and happy to hear it's so great and can't wait to hear more.


Tim said...

You did sign the waiver before reading this post, right Jerome?

Remember? It had all that legal mumbo jumbo about "at your own risk" and "not responsible for finanical repercussions or marital discord."

Bicycles & Icicles World Headquarters denies all responsibility and liability for your actions. (Subliminal message inserted here: You need a Pugsley!)

I hope your wife is as understanding and indulgent as mine, my man.

Anonymous said...

Porfirio? Mexican president or Columbian poet? Or someone else I can kind of learn about by googling? Now I'm curious, too.
Great ride Tim. Hard to stop for pictures while making the most of that long sunset. Best conditions of the season...but I think you needed more fresh snow to really challenge pugs.
So, have you named it yet? Is "Tinky-Winky" the purple one?

Dave Byers said...

Right on! I have to admit that when I ordered my FatBike I was thinking it would simply help me maintain fitness over the winter. Ha! It is real mtn biking including the fast downhills.
The friends we took riding over the weekend ordered two Pugsleys on Monday. Why fight it? You can't stop the Pugsley, you can only hope to contain it. :)

Slabhand said...

The boy's name Porfirio \p(o)-rfi-rio, por-fi rio\ is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "purple coloring".

He's one bad grape dude. Bring on the Gray Thunder