Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brain bucket

The next time someone tries
to tell you that helmets
don't really make you safer,
tell them about Ryan Lipscomb.

Then tell them they're full of shit.


Anonymous said...

My father crashed on a training ride a couple years ago, and the helmet saved his life. Thank you, inventor of the helmet, thank you.

D A N O said...

Funny how you find out about things. This story just an hour drive from my house and I hear about it via Switzerland and Alaska.

I think thats cool.

I have a story also... I'll post it later....

Jeff said...

Here's a picture of my friend's helmet after a nasty crash. It didn't help his face much, but probably saved his life.


daveIT said...

My first summer in Anchorage while riding along the Chester Creek trail, I came upon a man who tried to jump a BMX bike off the I Street stairs and ended up smashing his head. I was second on the scene and had to call 911.

Seeing a dying man's brain pulsing through his cracked open skull after he landed really changed my perspective on helmet use. What a waste of a life that a helmet would have easily prevented. Poor guy left a son and twin daughters without a father!

daveIT said...
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daveIT said...

Screw you!!!

Click that for a link to the article!

Tim said...

Jeff, that picture of your friend's helmet is amazing.

Dave, I remember that fatality on the Chester Creek Trail, but I had forgotten you were there. What a gruesome scene.

Jeff said...

I met a guy yesterday without a helmet. I suggested that he get one, and he told me, "Nahhh...those are for the birds. You just need to learn how to fall. You know, that jujitsu stuff. I saw it on TV...". And then I thought that maybe some people shouldn't wear helmets. They need to be taken out of the gene pool.