Monday, May 28, 2007

Safety is Sexy

I might not be the most appropriate advocate for helmet use. I sometimes ride with a friend who assesses brain injuries, and she has accused me of being a few tacos shy of a combination plate.

Still, I've bounced my head off everything from Moab slickrock to Anchorage ice enough times to believe in the benefits of encasing one's skull in reinforced Styrofoam. So I was pretty jazzed when a packet of stickers arrived from the folks at the Safety is Sexy Campaign in Washington, D.C. (My Alaska friends may now commence ta askin' fer 'em as long as supplies last.)

Helmets work. And these stickers are cool. Check out the site and fire off an e-mail to request some stickers. They're free, but it's a nonprofit operation, so it wouldn't hurt to send a few bucks to help them cover the cost.


Maura said...

Me! Me! Throw me a sticker Mister!

daveIT said...

Hmm...I'll trade you a Zero Per Gallon for one if you got some left.

I have black / white letters, red / white letters or white / black letters.

I also have another cool one of a gas pump shooting itself in the head.

We'll have to meet up for a ride one of these evenings!

Tim said...

Maura, your sticker awaits.

Dave, you've got a deal on the trade, if I ever actually see your lazy ass again.

Luke said...

How come no one on that site looks like the photo here on your blog? Hmm??? And yes, Tim, I'm wearing my helmet when I ride my mo'cycle...have to in this overly litigious state. Sigh...

PS: Flew JetBlue this weekend. Try that next time. Comfy seats, 36 channels of shit on the seat-back TVs...made SD-NYC and back not so bad.

shawnkielty said...

That's some nice stuff there.

Dano said...

How in the hell did you get a pic of my girlfriend during our Wednesday MTB ride???

Tuco said...

I will do WHATEVER that girl tells me to do.

P.S. - see that story about the grad student (in Minnesota?) who had a truck roll over his head? He had a helmet on and suffered (I think) only a minor concussion!

gwadzilla said...

that helmet is sexy!

I have seen the creator of this campaign around
she is super cool
send a few bucks
support her mission