Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three feet

If you really must apply makeup
while driving to work, at least
make it something productive.

Thanks to the folks in Sioux Falls
for posting this great PSA.

Oh, and if you happen to be
a mountain biker in Anchorage
and you haven't already received
four e-mails warning you about it,
be careful in the area near the
ski jumps. There's a big brown bear
there that might not be friendly.

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

I may have to steal this...

I got rear ended by a woman putting on lip stick

oh man

it is one of those situations where I am so happy to be alive that I do not cuss at the driver

I was lucky
I got knocked forward
luckily she connected square
and I was already gripping the handlebars

funny thing...
lip stick on the pig makes no more sense then toe nail polish on the pig
not sure what she was fixing herself up for
maybe the county fair