Thursday, May 10, 2007

Park it and ride

I realize that promoting Bike to Work Day on a bike blog is like trying to sell Bibles to missionaries, but what the hell, I believe in it. I won't be riding to work next Wednesday, but that's only because I'm taking the week off. I'll be doing something even better: biking somewhere that's not work.

If you had forgotten that Bike to Work Day was coming up, get ready to share the bike rack with a couple of those once-a-year types. This is your chance to start a conversation and tell them how you ride to work all the time and how easy and fun it is to do. Who knows? With a little encouragement, maybe they can be converted.

Come to think of it, maybe I am selling Bibles to missionaries. Saddle up, Brother Jed.

Even the Municipality of Anchorage—the capital of four-wheel drive—is getting behind it. Click on over to the muni website for all sorts of information.

And if anyone needs more motivation, I read a news article a few days ago that said gas will soon be headed toward four bucks a gallon.


Anonymous said...

$4 a gallon "soon?" Already there, I'm afraid... (yeah yeah, I know, California sucks).

...well, not really, just the gas prices.

Jeff said...

Preach it loud, brutha! I don't think a lot of people know about all the bicycle stuff going on next week. People are more tuned into who got kicked off American Idol (the talk I hear around the office...).

Luke said...

No, actually, as someone who left Anchorage for San Diego County in February, California DOES suck...and not just the gas prices.

Sigh...sorry. Jus' feelin' homesick.

Hey Tim: Does "bike" apply if there are 1,300 cubic-centimeters of internal combustion between the two wheels?

Tim said...

Hell no, that doesn't count. At least not on this blog. Engines are for pussies.

daveIT said...

That reminds me...I have a ZPG ( for you if you want it.

I "procured" a bike rack for my workplace after trying to get my commander to buy one for our squadron last year. I offered to buy everyone a coffee that bikes in on BTWD work.

I'm taking the week after next week off so I can ride to Seward and back.

daveIT said...

Hey Tim: Does "bike" apply if there are 1,300 cubic-centimeters of internal combustion between the two wheels?

Damn Luke! My VW Polo I drove in Italy had a smaller engine than that!

Tim said...

You betcher ass I want one of those stickers!

Luke said...

Dave: If you're riding to Seward, there's only one way back...right, Tim???