Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goats, and I'm gone

My brother and his wife are traveling in Iowa this week, and doing some rides along the way. Because being a smartass is somewhat of a family trait, he felt compelled to provide his own version of the moose photos I posted a couple of days ago. His caption: "Moose, schmoose. We got goats!"

As much as I hate to leave my regular blog visitors with a photo of Iowa goats, Bicycles & Icicles is being suspended for a few days. There are visitors to entertain, a graduation to attend, and then a business trip to endure. I'll be spouting off about bike stuff again sometime around Memorial Day weekend.

Ya'll come back now, ya here?


Jerome said...

That's pretty good. I like your brothers sense of humor.

Matt said...

I don't know where in Iowa your brother lives, but that simple fact makes him way cooler than you.

Iowa rules!

Tim said...

Lived there? Hell, if he lived there, I'd stop riding with him! :)

No, he was just traveling in the area. One of our sisters lives in Rolfe, however.