Friday, May 25, 2007


Business travel is inhumane. I don't know how some people do it regularly. First, there’s the sadistically cramped space in coach class. Then there are the shitty in-flight snacks. A couple of nights ago, I was handed one that was so small that if I hadn’t already said I’d take the peanuts, I’d have thought the flight attendant was offering me a condom. Excuse me? Fifteen peanuts are supposed to keep me alive from Atlanta to Seattle?

And, of course, there are all the hours spent in conference rooms, dinners and receptions, interrupted only by quick trips back to a hotel room and brief glimpses of the exercise facility that there’s never time to use.

But by far the worst torture was to be facing a row of windows Monday night as I was talking to a colleague during a large conference dinner and a pack of cyclists rolled down the street. I don’t remember what we were discussing at the time. All I know is that my mouth was moving, sound was coming out, and I was staring over this person’s shoulder and through the windows as if Pamela Anderson were standing there naked and pressing the twins against the glass.

I would have cut off an arm to trade places and be out there riding. Not my arm, of course, but someone else’s for sure.

Now I’m home, there’s a long weekend in front of me, and the trails are open.

Butt, meet saddle. Saddle, butt.

Let the fun begin.


Jerome said...

I here ya man. I had a little trip this week, and it sure isn't as glamorous as some folks seem to think it sounds. Enjoy your weekend!

Jeff Moser said...

Welcome back!

I hate traveling for work. They reimburse me, but it always seems to cost me more than I get back.

daveIT said...

Don't worry Tim, you start collectin' social security next year don't ya, old man?

Tim said...

No way, Dave. I stay young by riding all year, instead of drinking beer all winter like some riders I know.

Luke said...

And how are the folks in Augusta?

Dano said...

I feel the same way when working and seeing a rider in full kit blast by.

I get a big pouty face when that happens.

Hassan Sarker said...

Haha I love it when I see bunch of real cyclists out riding away freely. What i hate is when I'm not part of it =(.