Friday, August 17, 2007

Digging deep

Like most of us who have been in this sport
for many years, I've ridden bikes with a lot of people.
Some people are there only once or twice.
Some for a few weeks, others for years.Sometimes I've wondered how well I really knew
some of those people. I mean, what does a bike ride
tell you about a person, other than
how much stamina they have, or how they deal with pain?
Or how their sense of humor holds up
when the ride gets rougher than expected
and the weather turns to shit?Sure, all that character stuff is good to know,
but if you really want to delve deeply
into their personalities, there's only one thing to do.
Start drinkin' with 'em.


Anonymous said...

And now you know Woody!

Tim said...


Jeff Moser said...

Ah come on now! Fix that link for the rest of us!

Maura said...

Oh, you are a bad man! You participated in the craziness. Why isn't your photo included? I'm telling HG.

Tim said...

No, no, no, Maura, you don't understand. I was writing about my friends. Using a gratuitous picture of myself would have seemed vain, and I just couldn't live with that!