Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Bike commuting isn't for wimps. It's fraught with peril. Danger lurks around every corner and you never know what's coming at you next. You have to be aware and vigilant at all times.

I keep street clothes hanging on the back of my office door, which is usually wide open. I closed it for a few minutes this morning because I had to make a sensitive phone call.

As I was dialing, I turned my head slightly and my peripheral vision picked up a tall, human form standing at my door wearing a black shirt.

Damn thing scared the crap out of me.

If I'd had a bike helmet hanging on the top hook, that dude would have looked six and a half feet tall.


Warren T said...

You have met the enemy and he is you.

Anonymous said...

a "sensitive phone call" - is this one of those ones you make to some woman in a trailer park with a gold tooth who is washing the dishes but telling you she's wearing lycra and fondling her handlebars while you listen? I know your type Woody!!!

Tim said...

Don't be ridiculous. I'd never make a call like that from my office.

I wait until lunch time and then do it from someone else's phone while they're out having lunch!

Seriously, though, doesn't it sound like you just described the job Britney Spears will be doing five years from now?

Tim said...

Hey, was that you, Sammy? I just saw a hit from New Zealand about the time that note was posted. Sorry 'bout that stolen computer, mate.