Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Leave It To ...

Today I'm proud to present another shot of the ... well, you know.

I don't dare repeat the words from that earlier post. I'm trying to work my way down the list of responses for Google searches for "b**ver shots," ya know what I'm sayin'?

I half expect to turn on my computer each morning and find hate mail from frustrated pervs who are mad at me for wasting their time.

Still, I couldn't resist stopping for a photo of this little critter during my ride to work this morning. I tried to get a tighter shot, but as with so many beavers I've encountered in the past, I wasn't allowed to get very close.

Riding through the light rain this morning and seeing a little wildlife in the lake was a nice way to wrap up my "summer" commuting season. Tomorrow is the first day of school, so the traffic will be a little heavier and have a larger number of yellow buses and oversize SUVs driven by irritable parents with a cell phone one ear and noisy kids in the other.

Stay alert, fellow commuters. And keep your eyes peeled for furry wet things.

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