Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hammer time

After four days of life on boats and small planes last week, I was looking forward to an easy Saturday. Sleeping late, catching up on some laundry and generally lounging around. Then I opened an e-mail from Ken about a little road ride downtown and back with a couple of his co-workers ... in an hour.

I took the bait, so I quickly slammed some breakfast and changed clothes. Two blocks from my house, the guy leading out stood up and started hammering while we were going downhill. Some days you just know it's going to hurt a little. And you're right.

Next time Ken brings new guys, I'm gonna ask for names and background checks.

I finally got caught up on that laundry while the rain fell on Sunday. Well, when I remembered to check the washer and drier, that is. I was also busy playing with the new Command Central for Bicycles & Icicles—my new MacBook.

It's sweet. And full of powerful, productive tools. Which I'll find as soon as I get over the thrill of playing with Photo Booth.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a full-size bike in front of this little camera that Apple put in my laptop ...

1 comment:

The Old Bag said...

Amazing how easily a leisurely day can turn on you.

Love the pic (always knew you were a stud) -- Photo Booth had us in stitches last winter.