Thursday, May 22, 2008

What, he couldn't make two trips?

"I want it. But I can only take a haunch.
I got only a small knife and a bicycle."

—Response to an Anchorage Craigslist ad
offering the free body of a moose

that died in someone's yard


jt said...

Not really "on topic", but my weekly commute seems somehow related to your blog title(although shifted towards the high end of the thermometer). I live in Phoenix and bike commute. Tuesday afternoon it was 110+ on my ride home. This morning it was 50 and raining on my ride in. That's a 60 degree delta in 3 days. Not exactly "fire and ice", but close enough for me.

Tim said...

JT, I commuted in Phoenix when I lived their in the 1980s. I'll now prefer braving the ice in winter and moose in summer.

My biggest fear in Phoenix wasn't falling -- it was falling and being unable to move off the hot pavement! Road rash is nothing compared to severe burns.

Stay upright this summer. Avoid those hot-tar tattoos.

jt said...


I ride almost exclusively on the canal banks. I've sampled the road burn available to wrong-side-up bike riders in the middle of the Phoenix Summer, and I have no desire to repeat the experience. That being said, I'd way rather be burning hot than freezing cold.

I really enjoy your writing, keep up the good work.