Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to the real world

I've been stuck in Southern California
without a bike for a few days, watching
groups of up to 20 riders whir by my hotel
in their club-ride packs. That stung.

I even envied this guy on his Townie.

Now I'm back and itchin'
to get back out on frozen trails.

(Not that my trip was all bad. There's no better place
to be than a SoCal beach when you
crank up "Californication" on an iPod.)


Dano said...

I too hate to take "bikeless" trips. I see all the other riders and get huge "bike envy".
Cruisers are very cool in warm temps. So are the R.H.C.P.

erik k said...

you were in socal! you should have drooped me a line, what town were you in. I probably could have found some bikes to ride

lemmiwinks said...

I'm always tempted to buy a beach cruiser (not that I live anywhere near the beach). It'd be a sweet bike path, slow cruise into town kinda bike I reckon. Certainly no good on the hills around here.

Instead, in the interests of thrift and an attempt to control the bike overcrowding situation, yesterday I started building up my (retired) first MTB as a single speed. Some baloonish type tyres, riser bars and that will have to do me.

Tim said...

Too bad I didn't know that, Erik! I was in Santa Barbara for a couple of days. I didn't have much time to ride -- mostly I was stuck in meetings, dinners, etc. -- but it would have been nice to sample the local terrain a bit.

Don't know if I could have fit in, though. Everyone seemed to be riding in full kits instead of my usual style of a pair of black shorts and whatever jersey is within reach. I might have looked like a Bubba with my black shorts and hair legs!