Monday, October 27, 2008

Think snow

Speedway Singletrack, Saturday afternoon

With temps in the neighborhood of 20 degrees,
the trails are firm and fun. They're also gettin'
a tad icy, so watch your cornering, folks.

And keep your fingers crossed
for a little more powder. I have a feeling
it's going to be a fun winter.


JordyB said...


Anonymous said...

Maura on Speedway back-to-back weekends? Wow!

Tim said...

And she was HAPPY!

Very strange.

The Old Bag said...

We were snowed on this weekend while traipsing through the woods, except it just made the trails muddy. The wheels flung a bit of grit.

Steven Elliott said...

Your riding sounds great! I wish we were getting the cold here.

October in Nova Scotia means rain. We had over 37mm of rain here yesterday. Luckily it was almost 15 degrees.

If you don't work in celcius that's about an inch and a half of rain and I think about 60 degrees.

On my commute I kept saying to myself "at least it's warm" because my rain gear completely failed me.

I really enjoy your site.