Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's get frigid

Good news for Singletrack Advocates, Anchorage's only mountain bike group working to build and preserve trails for those of us who still think trails should have some character: Frigid Bits crit organizer Carlos Lozano has generously offered to donate all money raised from this Sunday's race to help keep our small but passionate group in the black. The race fee, as before, will be whatever racers choose to donate.

This will be the third race in the series, and the number of participants doubled from the first to the second race, so you should get in on the fun while you can still feel like you're on the cutting edge. Some day you'll be able to arrogantly tell newbies that you were a freakin' Frigid Bits pioneer. Besides, how many chances do you get this time of year to spend a Sunday afternoon hanging with a bunch of fellow mountain bikers? If riding on ice isn't your thing, Carlos needs help with timing and counting laps, so come hang out and have a few laughs. It's a race on Goose Lake in January; it's not like you have to cop a scowl and act like it's serious.

Here's Carlos' race info as posted on the local forum: "Racers will have the option to race 5 (commuter class) , 10 (sport) or 15 ( expert) miles. The course will be the same as the one raced on January 15th. Each lap is is about a snowflake short of a mile. Please come on out and sign up between 12:30 and 1:30 or just email me and I'll make sure you get a number and get signed up. The pre-registration will end on Saturday the 28th. The riders meeting will be around 1345 and the race will start around 2 PM. Also 29'rs and Pugs are welcomed to join the hoopla!"

He'd also like to see more singlespeeders, and unless some of you one-gear freaks show up, we'll have to watch DaveIT remain undefeated in the SS division. If you're one of those people who can't manage to use derailleurs, the race couldn't be easier: Just show up and chase the most colorful jersey you can find, and you'll be in the singlespeed peloton.

Quick, somebody call Reggi! I think we might have room for another race on the local scene. Substitute bikes for the running, and I think I could sign up for this event.

I don't catch a lot of air. Just a little from time to time. But when I do, I always wear a helmet. Some fools don't. My old friend Jimbo in Santa Fe would call that "cleanin' up the gene pool."

I appreciate people reading my blog. I mean, why bother doing it if nobody's going to read it, right? But if you watch this TV show, just stop coming around. Your kids can't play with my kids. If we're related, you're not invited to the next family reunion.

Those white trash bastards are still gettin' on TV. Bloody hell.


gwadzilla said...

larger images
larger images?

I have heard this complaint from some other people
people want to get in close and see the components
people want to get in close and see the expressions on someone's faces

I have found that on my machine if I right click and open in new window...
I get a new page with just the image
if I scroll over the image with my mouse
then click again...
it enlarges again

that is with Mozilla Firefox
not sure with IE
and well
witn the Mac you will want to hold down a click and select
or something to that effect
I actually have a set of buttons on my mouse for my Mac desktop

let me know it that helps

thanks for the compliments
glad that the contrast balances the scales


please excuse the cut and paste
but it is past my bedtime

daveIT said...

If anyone takes my singlespeed title then I will be forced to bring my other singlespeed secret weapon to the next race...trust me...nobody wants a piece of that beast!

I hope it freakin' warms up!