Monday, January 09, 2006

Sunday trail ride

It was a good bike weekend, for January. Rode a few laps around the Frigid Bits crit course on Saturday and decided next Sunday's race looks fun. There's a thin layer of snow over much of the course, which makes it pretty sticky compared to bare lake ice.

After a very lame first attempt at yoga on Sunday, I grew tired of hanging around the house so I grabbed a bike and took off for a ride that lasted a couple of hours. Pedaled up to the Hillside and cruised a little snow-covered singletrack. Gasline down to the creek, then north on Rover's Run, which is always fun when the snow's packed. Ran into a couple of x-c skiers I know and chatted as we moved along the trails.

Must have ridden about 20 miles total, based on my memory of the same summer ride with a bike computer. Still haven't bothered to install one on the old Trek, and the pogies don't really leave much room for one anyway.

As for yoga, I have a loooong way to go. I should go back and buy a DVD that features an inflexible 42-year-old like me instead of that skinny, rubbery bastard that demonstrates all all the moves on the disc I bought last week.

Tree pose this you little twerp!

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the old bag said...

Love it -- yoga featuring someone who's 42 and unbendable. I can relate!