Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thawing my bits

The second Frigid Bits crit is in the bag.
Ten to 12 racersshowed up at Goose Lake
on Sunday afternoon for some bike fun.
Major thanks to Carlos for putting
it all together and for sacrificing his morning to
run a snowblower and clear the course.

Bicycles and Icicles reader and a new Alaskan,
Singlespeed Dave enters a turn during the race.

The guy we all know as
the Dumbass Behind Bicycles and Icicles
appears to actually be riding fast, thanks
to the wonders of digital photography.

Twelve degrees, semi-dark and foggy
at 2:30 in the afternoon. This ain't exactly Moab.


gwadzilla said...

what are those things on your hands?

looks like the "bikedry" product that was sent to me for testing

did you steal those off an ATV?

Michelle said...

I will need to stop by and check this out sometime...looks fun