Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Menace to society

Somebody named Richard Rhyner wrote a letter (reg. req'd) in yesterday's Anchorage Daily News saying, “It’s time to end the craziness. Our paved roads were designed and constructed for motorized and licensed vehicles only.”

Poor Dick (I don’t know Richard personally, but I feel I know him well enough from his letter to call him Dick) made the usual unimaginative argument. Bikes are too slow, they have inadequate lighting, blah, blah, blah. I did enjoy, however, his point that bikes have poor braking systems for ice.

Yeah, all those cars I see sliding through intersections are stopping really well. Come on, Dick, when was the last time you saw a bicycle sliding uncontrollably through a red light? Ever study physics, big guy?

Now, this Dick guy has a valid argument when he says more winter riders should wear reflective gear, obey traffic laws and use hand signals. But to write that “we can and must ban bicycles from our streets” is a bit of an overreaction.

I have a better idea: Let’s ban Dicks from obtaining drivers licenses.


Jill said...

I second the resolution.

gwadzilla said...

we get that type of press in Washington DC all the time
I ranted about Marvin Kalb and his radio piece about bicycles some time ago
everytime I hear him on the radio
everytime I hear mention of his name
everytime I see his photo with the owner of some restaurant around time

I can not help but think about his anti-cycling rant that almost sounded like a threat to all bicyclist that dare get in his way

is just one archive
I ran anti-signs and all sorts of stuf

the old bag said...


I think you know him well enough

daveIT said...

I got a U-lock with his name on it.

He's probably one of those guys that drives a Hummer H2000 with 38 inch tires to make up for his small penis.

Back to my beer now...mmm New Castle Brown Ale

(It sucks that our 100+ bottles of wine from Italy are slowly dwindling away!)

George said...

I'm loving the Army style poster:-)