Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You know a trail is great
when it gives you a ...
(The owner of this little gem
has requested anonymity.
But I'll give you a hint: She's
a woman who rides a blue Trance.)


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when the guys in the bike shop played a joke on my friend and covered up the "d" on the "Lemond" decal on his bike. He rode around for weeks before realizing he was riding a "Lemon."

This is better though. But it does make me wonder. A woman? Really? A woman put that on her bike?

Jeff Moser said...

My friend had an old Specialized Enduro that gave him all sorts of problems. He covered up the "iz" with black electrical tape. The frame was black too, so it looked great. The bike was known as "Special Ed".

Tim said...

Yup, it's really on a woman's bike. She wasn't the one who put it there. But she hasn't taken it off, either.

Tim said...

Wait a minute. Why do I get the feeling "anonymous" is the owner of that bike?

Anonymous said...

what can i say? i work w/a bunch of guys and eventually the conversations devolve to body parts and functions.
One guy is the stealth sticker placer of the shop. leave your bike unattended for five minutes and anything can land on it.

Initially i forgot it was there until my girlfriend - at a group ride - asked "why does your bike say giant erection?" All I had to say was "I work with guys."
-blue trance
oh, and I did remove it - too many questions.