Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trail freebie

One of the cool things about cycling is that you never know what you might find on the trail or in the bike lane at the side of the road. I love scavenging useful stuff that others have lost.

Over the years, I've picked up tires levers, wrenches, bungee cords and cash. My all-time greatest find was a Leatherman tool that was perfectly functional after a quick cleaning in my kitchen sink. I still keep it in my 4Runner for emergencies.

This has been a slow summer for trail scavenging, but I finally scored last week while riding home from work. I was only a couple of miles from the house when I rolled past a DVD box that was laying in an otherwise clean bike lane, so I decided to turn around and check it out.

Cha-ching! A virtually new copy of Basic Instinct 2. Not a single scratch on the disc.

So it didn't get great reviews. So maybe a few people actually made fun of it. So maybe it wasn't lost so much as it was intentionally tossed out the window of a moving car.

It was free, dammit. And it's the uncut, unrated version, so how bad could it be?

Don't answer that.


Jeff Moser said...

I find all sorts of cools stuff too. My Topeak multi tool is one I found. Maglights, bungees, wrenches, watches, sun glasses, gloves...

Many of my riding buddies ride right over this stuff. Maybe it's my low self esteem that keeps me gazing down at the ground.

Yokota Fritz said...

I ran across a big pack of Asian porn DVDs once. My favorite road find is the Topeak Alien that somebody left behind up beyond Ward, Colorado.

Tim said...

So the porn was found on a dirt trail, then?

Jeff Moser said...

If we hurry, it may still be there, intact and viewable.