Sunday, October 07, 2007

One in a million

Sunday started with a bang. A 70-mph, blazing-down-the-Kansas-Turnpike bang. It was followed by the sound of my brother saying, "Shit!" as he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw a bike flying through the air after it came loose from his roof rack.

I have to admit feeling a guilty shot of relief when he said it was his.

OK, so I'm goin' to hell. I can live with that.

Through some freakish occurrence of luck and physics, his Cannondale hit the pavement, slid onto the shoulder against a concrete barricade, and suffered only superficial damage while managing to avoid being run over. After a few adjustments and a vow to be more careful when racking his bike in pre-dawn darkness, he was able to ride the Octoginta with no problems.

I think he had his bike-protection mojo working this morning.
Lining up for the mass start.

A Kansas-style aid station, complete
with a John Deere tractor.

My brother riding through the countryside
on his death-defying bicycle. (My sister-in-law,
shown in the group photo at the top of this post,
pulling up from behind as I shot photos
with one hand and steered with the other.)

Mr. Retro and Mr. Can You Hear Me Now? share
a brief encounter at the second aid station.


Anonymous said...

Here's an article on your ride.

Sounds fun!

Jason from

Tim said...

Thanks, Jason. And how about that story saying people came from as far away as Utah and Minnesota? What's up with that?

The guy from Alaska isn't feelin' the love!

Anonymous said...

Alaska: The Rodney Dangerfield State.

sean said...

what exactly is that guy on the folder sitting on? looks like his seatpost goes straight into his belly...

Tim said...

That's not a folder, it's a Stingray-style bike with a banana seat. And that hot little piece of bling on the top tube ain't a coupler, it's the base of his stick shift, baby!