Tuesday, October 09, 2007

West of Paradise

This week's Tour of Funky Places
to Stop During a Bike Ride continued
today with a 41-mile ride along some
nice rural highways leading
to the town of Dearborn, Missouri.

This area is full of reminders
that I'm not in Alaska anymore.Apparently, Bo and Luke Duke
have fallen on hard times and relocated
to Dearborn in a more economical
version of General Lee.We stopped at a "sports bar"
for a Coke, but they didn't have any.
They said the truck would be coming later
with a fresh supply. Therese settled
for a Sprite, while Matt and I
treated ourselves to biscuits and gravy.

Why not? A small order
cost only two bucks, and the
proprietor looked like a woman
who knew her gravy.Besides, we needed fuel for the ride home.


Jeff Moser said...

Ha Ha Ha! Those must be some hard times to have to leave Hazard County! That old Boss Hogg finally ran them out I guess!

Snakebite said...

Wanted a coke, settled for B's and G's. That's kind of like trading the Blues Mobile for a microphone.