Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cranksgiving with the CWC

(Photos by Manny)

I often say it, and I always mean it: Mountain bikers are the coolest people alive. In spite of warm winds and rain that have been turning the trails to slush, nine people showed up last night for the first-annual Cranksgiving ride. Several of us had even decorated our bikes or helmets with strings of holiday lights.

The ride was short, slow and slippery, but full of fun riders who would rather slip through some ice on two wheels than piss away a night in front of the TV. It was a good example for my 13-year-old daughter, who came along for her first winter ride, as well as her first full-darkness ride. She doubted anyone else would show up, so it was nice to have proof that the madness goes beyond her dad.

After I thanked my friends for helping me pull my kid deeper into the cult, Tim "Grillmeister" Kelly said, "I've always said that if you're going to get abducted by a cult, the CWC (Cult of Winter Cycling) is the best choice."

I couldn't agree more. Besides, this way we get to spend all our money on bikes instead of doomsday bunkers and stockpiles of guns.

Dip your ladle into the vat and take a sip of the Kool-Aid.

Trust me. You'll go to a better place.

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Grill Meister said...

Man! You are one funny guy. I sure enjoy your blog. I check it almost every day in anticpation of the next posting. I'm certainly glad you got your daughter out for the ride. As soon as I get my Fatback I'll set up my old bike for my daughter Faye and try to get her to come out too. The more the merrier. And, if we don't induct new, younger members into the CWC when us dinosaurs die off there won't be any left without the new young ones to takeover.

Time to revisit the lyrics to "Teach Your Children Well" - Graham Nash