Sunday, March 09, 2008

A wake for winter

The 2007/08 Frigid Bits series
came to an end Saturday night with
a final race/ride on the lower Hillside,
followed by the last tailgater of the season.
It was a long, fun winter full of good rides;
some under the Frigid Bits umbrella,
and others that were just fun. The early season got off to a slow start
but we rode anyway, even though
the trails were nothing but ice.

The Grillmeister's face-melting lights
nearly burned a hole in the ice on Goose Lake.

The beer was cold (hell, it got colder
as we drank it) and the company
was good ... except for that drunk vagrant
who showed up and tried to swan-dive
into the burn barrel.

As it turns out, fires in trash cans
are magnets for homeless people
and mountain bikers, which doesn't
make it any easier to tell them apart.

The Frosty Bottom lived up
to its name.

Post-race parties kicked ass.
Once, somebody even had the crazy idea
that we could drink beer indoors.


Speaking of kicking ass,
Thirstywork did a lot of that.

Pretty much every time he got on a bike.

Grillmeister and Mesotony
shared a pair underwear.

Denizens of the Mad-Zoo Valley
visited as part of a
cultural-exchange program ...

... and found that Anchorage
bike culture isn't much different
than a Wasilla trailer park,
except our vehicles cost more.

Rio, the whole damned thing
was your fault.

Thank you.


Grill Meister said...

Nice posting Tim. Your observations definitely sum up the fun that was had this past season. Everyone who attended these events made it easy for the rest of us to create and have fun. Thanks for being there.

Grill Meister

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap Rev Tim! That was indeed a great season packed full of great rides and fond memories.

Halldor said...

You guys up there in Alaska are an inspiration! I check it every day. Basically it's you and the surlyblog.
Keep up the good work.

erik k said...

looks like fun, I like the grill master's trailer rig

The Old Bag said...

Love the recap! Sounds like a great winter!

Amber said...

To next year!