Monday, July 28, 2008

A big load of bull

Every summer, I post at least one shot
of a moose blocking the trail.

This well-fed bull was in no hurry
to get out of our way on Sunday, but
he was tolerant enough to let me pass
so I could get a shot of him
with part of our group.

(At least, I think that was his reason
for letting me get by.)

A pissed-off moose can easily
stomp a mountain biker into little more
than a big stain in the dirt.

But the nice thing about moose is that,
if you don't piss 'em off, they'll eventually
get bored with you and move aside.

Then, you can just carefully slip by.

And you can go on with your ride
and enjoy some incredible scenery.

I sometimes miss long summers,
but I can't imagine ever again living
and riding full-time in the Lower 48.

Routine standoffs with 1,500-pound
critters might sometimes be a hassle,
but life without them wouldn't
be as interesting.


Jeff Moser said...

Risking your life to get the shot of the bull was the least you could do after making those woman stand on that perilous bridge for photos!

Excellent post. I hope to get up there some day!

Jerome said...

Great shot! I don't think I'd have the guts to ride past a bull moose while he's looking at me. I was hiking once and came across one. I hid in the brush beside the muskeg crying for my mommy until he left. I was only 13, but I'd probably still do just the same today.

Richard said...

Nice pic. That's a heck of a large moose. I remember almost running over a female moose in Ontario. I was driving my VW 1972 Van during one late evening. And I encountered her at the bottom of a hill. I braked and sounded the horn and startled both of us.I can remember seeing only legs!

Unknown said...

that is a big f-in moose specimen!!!

Michelle said...


sorry, I'm just hungry and not politically correct.

That is a beautiful moose