Monday, July 07, 2008

TOB and the IBBS

I like to think of it as the
Interstate Bike Blogger's Summit.

The Old Bag came north to spend
two weeks in Alaska,
so we got together for a couple of rides.

She brought The Sweetie along to share in the fun.

We put a big ol' smile on TOB's face ...

took her into the woods ...

and generally contributed to the exhaustion
that plagues funhogs who
visit the land of long days.

Bike blogs can be a cool thing. You start
reading some stranger's posts, and
next thing you know, you've got
muddy legs and a couple of new friends
sitting at your table with a pizza
and post-ride beers.

Goddamn, I love
this sport.


Fat Lad said...
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Fat Lad said...

Tell me about it...we're off to visit the Bigringcircus guys in florida this autumn. All the way across the atlantic from ole blighty

Jeff Moser said...

I've met and ridden with a couple bloggers. Funny to meet someone for the first time that you feel like you already know.

We tried to get a Lake Tahoe bloggers ride together, but it's pretty tough getting that many people on the same schedule. If anyone is visiting the Lake Tahoe area though, please let me know! I'd be happy to be a trail/beer guide.

The Old Bag said...

IBBS -- I like it!

When Mark and I got off the plane Saturday, we celebrated Minnesota's 10:00 PM darkness, then crashed.


Hopefully the next IBBS will happen earlier in the vacation when my eyes actually stay open.

I've never been

Again, thanks a ton for all the footwork!

The Old Bag said...


thanks for showing us some great trails! It was fun to meet you, see your stompin' grounds and meet some of the riders. We also enjoyed meeting your family -- a funny and very personable lot.

Blogs are indeed a cool thing.

Great post!

WheelDancer said...

Great post, good times and a heartfelt thanks for your efforts pulling it together for us!

We don't have quite the same scenery but do have some very sweet single track that you'll have to try if your travels bring you to this part of the world.

Love the line " thing you know you've got muddy legs and a couple of new friends..."

Groover said...

How cool! Cycling Blogger Summits! Maybe we shoud start them all over the world? :-)