Friday, July 11, 2008

Got hammer?

Some friends and I rode Blue Dot
a couple of weeks ago, and negotiated
the usual shaky, slippery crossing
of the bridge that has been falling apart for years.

(It was pointed out that shooting
this photo wasn't the most chivalrous
act I could have been performing at that
moment, but I felt the need to document
the scene for my readers.)

(You're freakin' welcome.)

Then I came across Bike Girl's photo
of the bridge on Black Bear.
Notice any differences?

A couple of years ago, a single board
came loose from the Black Bear bridge.
It has already patched. You can see
the new chunk o' wood on the
right-hand side of the photo.

So why is no one calling for
a new bridge on Blue Dot?

Consider this the first.
It's time to build a new one.


Jeff Moser said...

"Careful, that river is extremely cold and swift moving. In addition, the bridge is slippery and rickety. Having said that, could I get everyone to look over here and smile? Ok hang on...the light is better from over here..."

Anonymous said...

Good photos, it seems quite a different experience cycling up in Alaska.