Friday, May 26, 2006

Beat me, whip me, make me pedal

Carlos “Mr. Frigid Bits” Lozano just e-mailed me this elevation profile of his Soggy Bottom 100 race course. As far as I’m concerned, this is where sanity goes to die.

The Resurrection Pass Trail between Hope and Cooper Landing is an awesome ride in either direction. It’s one of my all-time favorites. But both ways in a day, with a side trip down and back up Devil’s Pass Trail? And the fickle mood of Alaska's weather? Mmm, no thanks.

Here’s how to ride Resurrection Pass: Leave a car at the Hope end. Head north from Cooper Landing. Ride the whole, what, 40+ miles of singletrack? Drink a cold beer from the cooler you wisely left in the vehicle. Drive into Hope, stop at Tito’s and order a hamburger the size of a go-kart wheel. Wash it down with a Coke on ice.

Now you’ve had an epic ride and a good meal, and no part of your body is in excruciating pain. You can drive home and sleep.

But if you won’t listen to me, if you have some masochistic thing goin’ on and you really need pain, head over to Carlos’ site and download a registration form, you freak. He’ll take care of ya and make it as much fun as it can be, under the circumstances.

But he might make you call him “Master Carlos.”


bosskat said...

Soggy Bottom is a shredder... thanks for the profile - though it's hard to imagine the pain that comes from that ride by looking at that picture.

George said...

Wow, that's some profile.

At least the last 20 miles appear to be downhill..........

Scoutie said...

We have a similar ride each year in Oregon: the Torture 10,000 Century.

I think there slogan is something along the lines of, "Sure, it's 100 miles, but at least it's uphill!"

You can see it here.