Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blast from the past

The term "classic" is often overused. But I came
across a true classic this week
when I passed George Dube slowly cruising
the Campbell Creek bike trail on this baby.
A 1952 Schwinn Packard.
Original. As in original paint, original parts.
This thing is museum quality.

Fortunately for George,
it's not collecting dust in a museum.
It sits in his living room until
we have a beautiful day.
Then it gets taken out for a cruise.

Nothing wrong with museums.
But a bike like this deserves
to be ridden
from time to time.
It isn't some lifeless meteorite
meant to sit on a shelf.
It's a bike, dammit.
And it's a bike that George
obviously appreciates and loves.
He can tell you its history
and describe its unique features
like an experienced tour guide,
right down to the day
the bike was manufactured.

March 23, 1952.


George said...


That's a way cool bike-I agree-better to be ridden then stored in a garage or something.

the old bag said...

Wow! What a prize...down to the hearts on the chainring. Glad to hear it's still out and about.

Luke said...

You folks should have seen Tim when we came across this relic. We were heading down the Campbell Creek bike path after work on Tuesday. I saw the Schwinn and said "Whoa! Nice ride!" I moved past and looked back...Tim had slammed on his brakes and was standing there, his lower jaw touching his bike shoes, his eyes as wide and round as the wheels on his commuter. He held his left hand, clad in biking gloves, to his cheek as a small tear trickled down his face. I could hear his knees knocking on the frame of his bike as he stammered, "Is that or...or...original?" The entire universe shrunk to Tim and the Schwinn, everything else was a vacuum.

If he weren't an atheist, I'd say it was what Tim must have looked like on Christmas morning as an eight-year-old.

daveIT said...

Super sweet ride!!

Hmm...maybe a kick in the pants for Tim to get that 'ol Schwinn cruiser fixed up.

I say we do the 50 mile cruiser class of the Fireweed next year.

Yeee haaaaaw

Anonymous said...

goes to show how old you really are Butch