Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Team Megasorass hits the road

Every great cycling team has a spring training camp.
Team Megasorass is no exception. We did our first
team ride up Potter Valley Road
last night. Here are the rest of the guys
who make up the team for this year's
24 Hours of Kincaid.

Scott, veteran of Team Toe Tags,
24 Hours of Kincaid, 2004

Robbo, token Valley guy
and the costume king
of the Frigid Bits crit series.
(And yes, he was wearing sandals
at 45 degrees.)

DaveIT, all-around bike hound
and singlespeed king
of the Frigid Bits crit series.

If you're in this year's 24 Hours of Kincaid
but you're not on this team, well, you're
just screwed.

Oh, you might beat us.
But you're still screwed.


Jill said...

I'll drink to that. You guys look great.

daveIT said...

That was a fun ride. but I was wondering if you could come over and rub some cream on my saddle sores, Tim.

Tim said...

I'd love to, Dave. I'm mixing up a fresh batch of cream just for you. Just as soon as I stir in some more Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper ...

dmbnonsense said...

don't forget the icy hot ;-)

Hope you're doing well! hmmm...never rode while wearing sandals yet, I may have to give it a try.

daveIT said...

Note to self:

Don't eat chili and tunafish for lunch and tacos for dinner and then climb Potter Valley road.

Tim said...

Oh, yeah. Those babies'll come back at ya. Didn't seem to hurt your descending skills, though.

daveIT said...

That would be so fun on a road bike... the climb is worth the descent!