Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Buckwheat update

Thanks to a bunch of generous folks, I can once again hang up the "No Soliciting" sign on this blog. The PayPal button is gone. The Buckwheat Bike Fund will be drained as its balance is sent to the appropriate people. If you're still interested in helping Buckwheat's cause, send a tax-deductible donation to the Heartbeat Trail for the Dahl Memorial Clinic, the inspiration for Buckwheat's yearlong trip.

Huge thanks to my fellow bloggers who helped out: Tim, O.B., Jill and last but far from least, Shawn, who said he would do his part and then did even more. And thanks to every reader who pitched in your hard-earned cash. Now I can go back to writing about bikes and the crazy buggers who ride them.

Unfortunately, Buckwheat is in a remote region of Canada and can't be reached on his cell phone, but I know what he'll say when I tell him about all of this: "Owoooooooooh!"

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