Sunday, May 07, 2006


I've actually managed to ride a bike three days in a row, with a couple more days to come. Damn, this could start to feel like spring. I added some miles to Friday's commute thanks to leaving a few minutes early in the morning, and then pedaled out at lunch time for Chinese food.

On Saturday I rode past Potter Marsh and then up Potter Valley Road to put some hills in my legs. It didn't even suck. I managed to keep breakfast on board and stopped to snap this photo about halfway down during the descent.

Today it was a cruise up to Cafe Amsterdam in Midtown for the first official Really Important Strategy Meeting of Team Megasorass. Palmeranian Rob couldn't make it, but DaveIT and Scott showed up and finally met face to face. A pint of brew later, I was pedaling back south and DaveIT was cruising home on the stylin' Olympia he brought back from Italy. That sucker's so cool it's hot, somebody should stick a card on it. But after takin' a closer look at the photo, I'd say he sorta locks it funny. What's the deal there, Dave?

Scott took off on something called a Yamaha. Seemed to be one of those motorcycle things. I'm startin' to worry about that boy. But I'm sure I'll stop as soon as we do another ride and he kicks my ass.


daveIT said...

That thing is pretty hard to steal. You need 3 wrenches just to get the front wheel off. Flat tires sucks ass on that beast. It also has the handcuff lock on the back wheel and weighs about 50 lbs so no one is walking off with it without a struggle.

Scoutie said...

Pretty, free bike!

Now to pay for round-trip fare to and from Alaska.