Monday, May 29, 2006

Yo, yield the trail!

This Memorial Day weekend
was the way Memorial Day weekend
is supposed to be. Warm, sunny weather,
an old friend visiting from out of state,
cooked animals on the grill, a few cold beers,
a couple of rides, a couple of uncooked animals
blocking the trail, and time to shoot the shit
after today's trail ride.

Not much time to blog, though.


George said...

That sure beats the snake I saw eating a frog on my ride Sunday afternoon.

If I saw something like that on the trail, I'd be crapping my shorts.

Tim said...

This little guy was really no big deal. He just didn't want to get off the trail. We kept creeping up on him to "goose" him off the trail, but he was stubborn. He finally moved a few feet out of the way, though, when I got more persistent as the mosquitoes started finding us.

Alyson Wilson said...

Glad he didn't chase you! That happened to a pal and I once... on a bike path!


daveIT said...

We hung out down near Clam Gulch over the weekend. Baby Zach made his first camping trip. It was packed everywhere but we talked to a ranger and she told us to camp in one of the day areas free of charge. We got up Saturday and went clamming...that's a lot of work. I haven't had to work that hard for clam since high school (hehe).

All in all a great weekend...87 clams, hot dogs and marshmallows cooked over a campfire, instant mashed potatoes and flat homebrew (pumped out of my buddies keg...didn't survive the drive down. I saved the day though when I snuck a couple bottles of Avery Maharaja in the cooler.

I'm still trying to figure out when camping areas turned into giant parking lots full of RVs though...

Jill said...

Dave, I think it happened when May hit the Peninsula