Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Are you authorized?

Uh, can I please ride across the bridge?
(Photo taken during ride up -- well actually,
on the way down -- Potter Valley Road.
I didn't ask permission.)

Work all day, ride trails all evening. Busy, busy, busy. I'm having trouble finding time to write about all my deep mountain-bike thoughts.

Naaaaaah. I'm just screwin' with ya.

I don't have any deep mountain-bike thoughts.

But I did ride trails all evening, and that's all the depth I need this time of year.

The Hillside trails are sweet.

Get 'em while they're hot.


walkert said...

In Durango, Colorado we have more signs like the one on your blog than we can shake a stick at. And, believe me, we can shake some serious sticks!

Walker T

Ethan said...

I noticed that this past winter one of the strip malls down the street put up a new sign. It reads "Bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading prohibited." I suppose this means that technically I cannot bike to OfficeMax to pick up stuff anymore. I hate this town.

I need to get on some trails.

Adam said...

These type of signs are a huge pet peeve of mine. Here’s the problem the sign says “unauthorized use prohibited”. Um well yeah. It’s redundant, and tells us nothing. Of course UNauthorized use is prohibited that’s why its unauthorized I mean imagine if the sign said “Unauthorized use only”. My personal favorite signs are the “speed hump” signs that you see around this town. I just love those. Evertime I see one I expect to see a ‘72 chevy nova, primer gray, with foggy windows, rocking back and forth and occupied by two lustful teenagers havin’ a go, while listening to “Frankenstien” by Edgar Winter at ear splitting volumes. Instead it’s usually just a bump (or hump) in the road.


George said...

One of my neighbhors is a U.S. Marshall.

He has an "Authorized" vehicle.

It's one of those badass Crown Vics with about 20 antennas sticking out of the trunk.

I want one of those.