Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Crappy day

Things can always get worse.

Monday felt like a shitty day. The prototype for bad days. The mother of all bad days. The day by which bad days are measured. The kind of day that little annoying days hope to be when they grow up and become serial-killer days.

It was the kind of day that starts with wading through cold, knee-deep floodwaters on the way to work. The kind of day that ends with a bike commuter driving to the office at 7 p.m. to retrieve the bike and gear that had to be abandoned at noon because of unforeseen emergencies that led to hours of expensive and fruitless frustration.

Yes, brother and sisters, it was the kind of day that leads to an evening on which you want to do nothing but pull the car in the garage, lock the doors and pour the wine.

But you’re a bicyclist and you own a roof rack. Your day can get worse.

Sadly, a loud crunching sound above your head is a sign that you are not about to pull the car in the garage, lock the doors and pour the wine. You’re about to back the front end of your car out of the garage as you realize that if you needed a glass of wine a few minutes ago, you're about to need a couple of large Camelbaks full o’ that shit.

Suspension forks just aren’t meant to bend at that angle. Roof-rack crossbars aren’t supposed to be V-shaped.

As hard as it can be, one must remember all that crap you hear about silver linings. Ten-year-old Rock Shox forks are overdue for replacement anyway. Beloved, 10-year-old M2 Stumpjumper frames are as bombproof today as they were a decade ago (especially if they get a little energy-absorbing help from a dying fork and a collapsing cross bar).

When Jon at Paramount Cycles makes you a good deal on new fork, that helps, too.

And—maybe best of all—your favorite bike wasn’t on the roof rack that day.


bosskat said...

I'm sorry for your bad day... I've had some recently and your story gives me perspective. And that cartoon is great. Here's to good deals after horrible things happen to your bike.

Pete said...

See, this is why I don't own a roof rack. I know I would do this. But at least the frame is OK and the bike will live to ride another day. Keep your chin up.

Jill said...

Damn. That really sucks. When it rains it, ahem, pours.

daveIT said...

I try to chuck my garage door opener in the back of the car so I won't do that, but I can see easily forgetting that...

I'm tired of this friggin' rain... bring on the snow.

Bake said...

I know how you feel bro. Did that same thing on Wed too. Your post gave me a good laugh about it though.

the old bag said...

Oh man, I'm so sad for you!!

Tim said...

No worries, TOB. All things considered, I was lucky. I finished installing a new fork and headset last night, so the Stumpjumper is rolling again ... and it might even be a little faster now that my wallet is lighter.

All I need now is some new parts to restore my roof rack, which will be used far more selectively in the future. My hitch-mount rack is looking good again!

3p0 said...

I'd pay anything to be in your condition.

after the tuesday night ride I broke my leg walking my bike,

now I have titanium where my tibia used to be

Pete Basso said...

I've managed to the same thing the same year!! After the first one my friends said, "well at least you know it won't happen again". I guess they have a higher opinion of my intelligence than I do. It's all good and life goes on.

Linda said...

There's a way for cleaning those camelbags: fill'em with wine! ;-)
Seriously, I feel sorry. But your story just proved me that it's a great idea to take your front wheel out every friggin' time to fit the bike in the car's trunk. Especially since we have a lot more underground parking and parking blocks here.
Happy trails from Switzerland.