Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Friends on the road

Finally, an update on our man Shelby, who's doing his thing in Kyrgyzstan where they have a little problem with, uh ... weeds. (Not to mention a severe shortage of vowels.)

If anyone's still under the illusion our folks in uniform don't make sacrifices, take a look at your fellow mountain biker. This dude moved to Alaska last fall, showed up at Frigid Bits races and froze his ass off with the rest of us last winter, then Uncle Sam shipped him out of here just in time to miss the summer riding season.

Those who remember Shelby from those dark nights on Goose Lake will be glad to hear that he should be back in Anchorage and riding his Kona by early September. That'll give us time to drag him out on a few rides and show him that we really do have trails you can't skate on.

Seriously, Shelby. We really have dirt. So hurry on back to the land of indoor pot production.

And there's good news from my friend Buckwheat, who has spent most of the past year crossing North America by foot, bike and canoe. People who have read this blog for a while will remember when his bike was stolen in British Columbia last spring.

After spending this summer floating the length of the Yukon River, Buckwheat has reached the Bering Sea and is on his way back to Whitehorse, where he will begin walking the final 110 miles home to Skagway. He's several weeks ahead of schedule and will get home with time to recover and adjust to normal life again before returning to work at the beginning of October.

He sent me an e-mail from Nome a couple of days ago and said he's living proof that a person can walk 4,000 miles, pedal 900 and paddle 2,200 without losing weight. So thanks to all the folks who gave him hot meals, warm beds and good conversation between Miami Beach and Nome.

Way to go, 'Wheat.

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