Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No brainer

I took this picture a few weeks ago
while riding home from work.

Klatt Road near my house is usually
a road with fairly light traffic but
nearby construction has clogged it up
most of this summer.

The traffic slaves stagnate on the left.
I ride that blissfully free-flowing
bike path on the right.

It's enough to make a person wonder:
Why would anyone not ride a bike to work?*

*Besides week after week
of miserable, morale-killing rain.


Luke said...

Um, how about "bike-killing garage doors"?

Tim said...

Garage doors don't kill bikes; dumbasses with roof racks kill bikes.

And it was only a fork, thank the Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jerry.

George said...

I'm surprised no one has tried to drive down the bike path:-)

SportyChick said...

Count me in as a two-time, now de-roof racked dumbass. Glad to hear it's not a club of one.

And all I managed to save were the saddle and pedals. Hey, when you do it, do it right. Right?

61north said...
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bosskat said...

I live in Oceanview and have been stuck in that line taking my kids to practices and games. It's horrible and I envy folks like you who I see riding home from work with their backpack and a smile. Someday my kids will be able to drive themselves around and I'll be able to commute on my bicycle more. Can't wait.

Tim said...

Damn, Sportychick, if I was down to salvaging pedals and a saddle, I'd be looking for bolts, washers, valve caps, anything I could save. If I could see through the tears, that is.

And Bosskat, I feel yer pain, my man. My kids are a bit older, but I know exactly what you mean. Every time I have to drive to Midtown for some car-dependent errand and fight my way home at rush hour, my blood boils as I sit at traffic lights and watch cyclists cruise by.

SportyChick said...

Well, the bike shop did give me a bag of parts off the old bike when they gave me my brand new, shiny, better new bike that insurance bought me, so it wasn't all bad.

And for me, it wasn't tears as much as a moment of confusion ("what's that strange noise?") followed by the only thing you can do in a situation like that... marvel at how much damage you can do at 2mph.

Bike rack: twisted metal
Garage door: off its hinges
Bike: mangled
Car: unscathed except for a scratch on one roof rail
Entertainment value: priceless