Sunday, August 06, 2006


I've had all I can take.

I skipped town just as the Floyd Landis story was breaking, but eight days away from newspapers and the Internet didn't make the bad dream go away.

Pro bike racing is in the toilet. They should just turn out the lights and close the doors until somebody with a spine comes along and shows they can clean up the sport, if that's still possible.

I already punted cable service several years ago and didn't even watch coverage of Armstrong's last couple of Tour victories. Now I've lost the stomach for following the sport in print and online.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe the tests were bad. Maybe the samples were tampered with. Maybe Floyd was framed. Would you believe it if he were one of the Europeans?

To hell with the whole damned lot of 'em. Who knows what's real anymore when we watch an athlete do something amazing?

Coppi did it. Anquetil did it. Why shouldn't a Mennonite kid from Pennsylvania take the juice?

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Anonymous said...

Even the French don't care anymore: