Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scenes from Kincaid

I drove out to Kincaid Park for a little while
on Saturday night, and walked
to a few good spots on the 24-hour race course
to take some pictures.Then I got together with friends,
ate too much food, drank a little wine
and slept in a nice warm bed.
This morning I woke up to rain
and remembered telling myself
during last year's race that
there was no way we could have
sunny skies again this year.My recliner feels really good
right now. I hope all the racers
are warm in their damp tents
and safe on the slippery roots.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Built up a new bike two days before the race, real aggro xc. Flat bars, bar ends, adjustable travel fork with lockout. Real nice. Got me through five laps. Then I went to sleep and never woke up. Next day it rained and I went home to the hot tub. Awesome time!

Fattybobatty Rob