Monday, June 30, 2008

Bear-attack update

This e-mail is from the parents of the girl who was injured this weekend, and it has been posted online elsewhere, so I'm posting it here for those who have asked for updates on her condition. Until the family's names appear in the media, I will be keeping them off this blog out of respect for their desire for privacy:

Dear Family and Friends,

Here we launch the first of what will be many email updates on Xxxx’s condition, as we begin what is surely to be an incredible journey. First though, the outpouring of love and prayers from you and our community has been incredible. We are so appreciative.

Although Xxxx has suffered numerous injuries, we feel fortunate. Today’s Anchorage Daily News accurately depicts the incident and nature of her injuries. She suffered lacerations and punctures to her neck, right shoulder, torso, buttocks, and right thigh. Despite the severity, she is doing very well.

Xxxx underwent surgery last evening to repair her carotid artery. Surgery went as well as anyone could hope! Today Xxxx will undergo surgery on her trachea and possibly her esophagus. No further surgeries are anticipated.

Xxxx will remain in pediatric ICU for the near term. She is heavily sedated. We appreciate everyone’s desire to visit and offer support, but visitation is limited to our immediate family. Also, cell phones are off limits in ICU; therefore, it is best to communicate via email.

Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, calls, and emails.

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