Friday, February 27, 2009

Cycling simian

Rare photograph of a boreal bike monkee
in its natural habitat.

mon*kee (noun): medium-size primate that typically
found in or among trees. The subspecies
boreal bike monkee has been known to thrive
in captivity if housed with a suitable mate, stimulated
with wheeled playthings and fed a diet heavy
on fermented grains. Nocturnal activity is common.


Banger said...

Does everyone down there own a bike capable of running Endos!? Is that the trade off for having to live near/in Anchorage? J/K Very nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Yes Banger,most people here run big fat ones.Not a trade off though,more of a perk!


Tim said...

What Leonard said. An excuse to own an Endo-equipped bike is one of the many perks to living in Anchorage.