Sunday, May 08, 2011

Fat-bike karma can run over your Dogma

This bike makes my pants wanna get up and dance. Seriously. I want to straddle that sucker like other aging schlubs like me want to drive a Lamborghini with a Playmate in the passenger seat. If I could afford a midlife-crisis road bike, the Pinarello Dogma would probably be on my short list of hot things that are faster than I deserve.

But I call bullshit on the ad campaign Pinarello is using to market this lust-worthy machine.

They're calling it "the world's first asymmetric bicycle." What the hell?

I guess they've never heard of the Wildfire Fatbike, or its better-known clone, the Surly Pugsley. You want asymmetry? Try having your seat stays drop about two-thirds of the way to the axle before detouring a couple of inches to the right.

Fatbikes might be the chubby chicks who never got invited to the prom, but they were proudly letting one side hang differently than the other for years before Pinarello started flashing its lopside Italian D cups.


Vito said...

No truer words can be spoken!

The Dogma is nice looking, but far too nice looking for this old boy. A bit too much of that "Italian" flair for me. However, I certainly wouldn't mind mounting one and taking it for a bit of a spin.

Joboo said...

Gotta agree with Vito, except I have no interest in the skinniest of bikes!! No matter how sexy they be.
Give me "Fat" anytime of year!!
My "Fats" can take me far more places, than any skinny can ever dream of!!


Leo said...

They look exactly the same. Weird.

The Old Bag said...

Love the analogy...I'll never look at a Pinarello in the same way again.

Derek the Viking said...

Checked this out, and it looks like Pinarello are missing some big asterixes:

"first completely* asymmetric racing** frame."

* as in not just the chain(? and seat) stay, like the Time VXRS?

** counting only road racing as racing, excluding time trials where the likes of Lotus and Time (again) would have Pinarello thoroughly beaten.