Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A trip to the powder room

The ol’ Fatback was in need of a little bike love. New tubes and — best of all — a new carbon-fiber fork, because I have to keep up with friends who have been buying all the sweet shit recently.

But when it came time to add some talcum powder to the fat tires, I kept forgetting to buy any when I was at the store. I mean, why the hell would I buy talcum powder except for bike tires? And why would I think of bike tires when I was at Fred Meyer?

So when I started yanking out my old, tired tubes, I thought I was shit outta luck in the powder department. But then I remembered my trusty butt powder. For those who don’t know, Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is the next best thing to chamois cream, but a whole lot more comfortable to have wedged into your goodies on a night ride at 10 below zero.

And it happens to be a super-fine powder. Perfect for reducing friction in your butt and your Big Fat Larry. And I’m talkin’ about the tire, not your Johnson.

I always love finding unexpected uses for bike stuff, so I think I’ll smile when I’m rolling down the trail some afternoon and remember that my tubes are protected by my ass powder.

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Phil B said...

And it has the bonus of giving the tires a nice mentholated scent too.