Friday, February 24, 2006

Go, Speedo Boy, Go!

Good luck and bon voyage to our man Adam, who pedals away
this weekend in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.
That's 350 (yes, three-hundred and five-o) miles
from Knik Lake to McGrath.

We're all right behind ya, Adam. Waaay behind you.
And with every mile you ride,
we'll be, well, another mile behind you.
You'll have the pride of achievement, we'll
have cold beer. Who's to say (beer) which
is really better? (Cough, cough beer)

May the trail be firm, the
avalanche chutes clear and the river ice dry.

Most importantly, may the
Speedo shrinkage
be minimal.


Pete said...

Biking 350 miles in Alaska in February wearing only a Speedo? That really is a tough race!

Tim said...

Oh, the Speedo isn't a requirement. Adam's just a little kinky.

Adam said...

Hey Tim,
I’m all packed, kicking back with a pint of ben and jerrys and a pizza. Just swung by to get my last internet fix before the long ride. There are a couple of little things I’m nervous about but, generally I’m relaxed. Last year took me 5 days 14+ hrs. I’m using a completely different set up this year. If it is slower that’s okay, I’ll just cruise and take a bunch of pictures. Either way its always a good time out there. Thanks for the support. Also there is going to be race coverage at: they already have some good pre-race stuff up.

daveIT said...

I wanted to get out there to the start, but didn't feel like braving the Glenn Hwy. I mean it hasn't snowed in how long, so I'm sure everyone is driving like an idiot and there are rolled over cars everywhere.