Saturday, February 25, 2006

How it should be

Further proof that riding bikes is good for our mental health. I found this over at Postsecret.

Another thing that's good for mental health (at least it is for mine) is seeing a reminder of what sports can and should be. Egos, criminal behavior, greed; they're all wicked distractions from the beauty of pure athleticism. I've spent the last week reading about the ugly-American behavior of some of our Olympic athletes, and then yesterday I picked up the newspaper and read about Jason McElway.

Jason's an autistic teenager who volunteers as manager for his school's varsity basketball team. You can see what's coming—the usual, "last game of the season, let's put in the handicapped kid" story, right?

Well, this Jason guy put a new spin on it. He ran onto the court, missed a couple of shots, and then started shooting the lights out of the place. Scored 20 points in the only four minutes of his high school basketball career. He nailed six buckets from 3-point range.

And the crowd goes wild ...

I wish we could have sent Jason McElway to Turin and left Chad Hedrick in a trailer park somewhere.


Pete said...

It's not all bad over there in Turin. Joey Cheek donated his $40k from his gold and silver to help disadvantaged kids. But yeah, there's a lot of dickheads we sent too.

rio said...

Amen to your write up bro !
see you at the Frigid Bits

daveIT said...

Yeah, I'm about sick of those speed skating idiots Hedrick and Davis. If anyone needs a 10-man bobsled upside the head it's those two. Frickin' drama queens!

mark said...

Unfortunately the behaviour of American athletes probably doesn't actually affect how Americans and America are in general perceived (as is quoted in the article). It likely only verifies what the rest of the world thinks about America and Americans, given other international behaviour.