Monday, February 06, 2006

When the going gets weird, Part II

Our man Carlos is really taking us to the dark side. Not only is the Frigid Bits going nocturnal this month (and becoming The Slippery Stud Pucker), but he's adding singletrack with "assorted surfaces" to the icy course. Darkness, costumes and singletrack on a frozen lake. I think I'm startin' to want my mommy.

Looks like I'll be heading up to the lake one night this week for a little practice time. DaveIT, if you're interested in a little recon ride, drop me a note.

Not much else happening in my dark and cold little corner of the bike world. I bagged Sunday's outdoor ride due to wind and laziness, and racked up a trainer ride while watching The Boondock Saints on DVD.

I was happy to read that South Dakota is moving to exempt bikes from DUI laws. There are enough drunks in cars and trucks to keep the cops busy, so why not leave the rest of us alone when we pedal home with a buzz? We aren't the ones killing carloads of people. Besides, it's a rather nice way to travel, especially if one sticks to trails and bike paths.

Speaking of riding our bikes and not being hassled by The Man, I remember coming across a police vehicle set up with photo-radar equipment years ago when I was on a weekend ride with my old friend Chris back in Arizona. I stood up and sprinted like Mario Cippolini (well, except that I'm ugly and slow, and he's handsome and fast; other than that . . . ) in hopes of triggering the damned thing to take my picture. As I cruised by, I flew the big one-finger salute just before I noticed a big, hairy arm sticking out of the driver-side window.


Either the guy was napping, really into his box of doughnuts, or he just didn't care about some dumbass on a bike, because he didn't bother to follow me and pull me over. This motorist wasn't so lucky.

Ticketing a guy for giving a Big Brother camera the finger? That's just wrong.

Maybe he should have mooned it.


daveIT said...

I hope to get over there and try it out before Saturday. I've been working late nights getting ready for our big inspection next week. If I can sneak out of baby duty one night maybe I can hit it up.

Maybe this warm weather will turn the course back into like it was for the first race this year...slick!

Jill said...

Man ... you guys are in for one entertaining race on Sunday. Wish I could be there. On the sidelines, of course.

Martino said...

Nice tire, I coudl use one like that down here ...Rockin' blog.
Ride on!