Saturday, February 11, 2006

Video goodness

I've got a busy weekend with little time for bloggish activities, but there's some video goodness (and one cheesy cartoon) that needs to be shared before I go rig up some gear for tonight's Slippery Stud Pucker at Goose Lake. It's gonna be a sloppy one. Rain and warm temps are turning everything to goo. Gotta find a fender and get it on the bike.

I don't want to call the folks in Minnesota soft, but while we have guys like Carlos setting up criterium races on frozen lakes, they're racing in malls. Strange. Looks fun as hell, though. Check out the TV news feature here, then get the full-course helmet cam video by clicking on the site's search feature and looking for "headcam."

I have no idea how the race organizer pulled it off and got the people who manage those facilities to go along with his crazy plan, but good for him. High-speed racing through hallways and skyways. Yeah, I'd do it.

Thanks to The Old Bag for the link, and an I-was-only-joking nod to Minnesotans for the "soft" dig. I read a bunch of Minneapolis-area blogs and they have some rugged riders.

I'm one of several bloggers who has been testing gear for Banjo Brothers, a Minnesota maker of bike bags. They've been looking to the "blogosphere" to spread the word about their products, and they recently got some media attention for their innovative marketing approach. Check out the news story, then take a look at their blog, which features a photo of one very cool FOB.

Who is that handsome devil, anyway?


Pete said...

Soft? We had two different ice races here today!

Tim said...

Did you ever. I just checked out the photos on your blog. You had some creative bikes show up. I'll be linking to that stuff when I write something about tonight's race.

Like I said lower in the post, just kidding about the soft part. Anybody who wants to see soft can just come watch me race tonight.