Saturday, February 18, 2006

On to the finish line! (Zzzzzzzzzz)

The wine's running low. My belly's full. It's about time to clear this check point and enter the sleep zone.

Looks like cyclist Jay Petervary (a freaky-fast rookie) of Jackson, Wyo., has won the race with an elapsed time of 11 hours, 27 minutes, followed closely by Frigid Bits criterium veteran Tom Peichel, who was only four minutes in arrears, as Phil Ligget would put it. The trail held up and made it a year for the bikers. Jamie's in. Janice is in. So are several others. Only one skier has cleared the final check point.

Jill is out of Luce's Lodge and heading for Flat Horn Lake and the third of five check points. She's hangin' tough and clearing check points quickly.

Out there on the trail northwest of Mount Susitna, also known—cruelly, tonight—as "The Sleeping Lady," headlamps are glowing on the snow-covered trail. Rain is likely falling, if the weather here in town is any indication. Lactic acid is burning in the quads of very tired people. Shit, it makes me yawn just thinkin' about it.

It's time to do my part. Down the last swallow of wine, turn out the lights, crawl into bed and listen to the wind blow.

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